Welding Manager

Welding manager is a welding data management software package that can store all of your organization’s arc welding data, including welding procedures, inspection data, personnel data, WPS Registration, VT, RT & NDE Code-wise Reporting, and more.

Manufacturers that own modern weld controllers can now capture a complete picture of their resistance weld process using the software without any additional hardware monitoring equipment.

Welding Manager leverages the controller’s already built-in monitoring features. A software based approach provides a more flexible and much less expensive solution to managing the weld process than stand-alone weld monitors.

Solution Description

  • This securesearchable, and expandable electronic archive of welding information can improve operational efficiency and reduce documentation management costs.
  • Welding Manager gives system administrators control over user input, export, and read permission. It also provides a link between functions and documents, enabling full traceability for all welding activities before, during, and after welding.
  • With Welding Manager, you can protect, maintain, search, and retrieve weld information and documentation. A variety of records can be stored, including: procedure qualification records, welding procedure specifications, welder performance qualifications, inspector qualifications, inspection records, and weld production status records.
  • Routine use of Welding Manager can satisfy ISO9000 and EN279 documentation requirements.
  • Welding Manager offers an intuitive interface and can be deployed on standard IT platforms and accessed from any web browser (such as Internet Explorer). The software can be customized to integrate with ERP & MRP systems.
  • Welding Manager is a web-based welding management software suite, take advantage of using internet application.
  • You can access welding information’s at anytime and anywhere using secure gateway.
  • Welding Manager is Cross platform compatibility, more manageable, secure and reducing costs.


  • Platform, usability and Accessibility
    Web Application works on Windows, Apple, Android, and Linux…etc. and can be accessed from any computer or smart phone through a web browser.
    it also Manages multiple locations and projects of the organizations. Unlike Other solutions are Desktop Windows application and limited to only the computers has the software licenses.
  • Easy to use 
    – Very easy to use and straight to the point (webpage for each possible purpose).
    – Data Entry and review for everyone (Welding Inspectors, Management, QC & QA).
  • Dashboard Summary 
    – Dashboard with messages and alerts linked to the system and customized based on the role of the user.
    – Approvals and actions can be taken from the dashboard.
  • Reports
    – Rich pool of reports and extendable when needed.
    – Automatic Reports with time triggers saved to network location or through Emails.
  • Security
    – User has access only to the forms granted access to.
  • Licensing
    – Per server with unlimited users access.
  • Customization and future changes
    – Can be customized and tailored as per the organization standards and workflows.
    – Available forms columns can be shown as per the organization needs.
  • Databases and Technology used 
    – Latest RIA (Rich Internet Applications) technology is used with scalable databases such as Oracle and SQL which makes it more maintained and backed up.

Key Features

  • Welding management including weld summary lists, production reporting.
  • Welding Notification System (Dashboard).
  • WPS Registration.
  • Manage Welders qualifications and Subcontractor information.
  • Generate VT & RT & NDE Reports using ISO9000 and EN279 documentation requirements.
  • Analyze reports and joints historical information.
  • Full Traceability.
  • “Real time” status of complete or unfinished work and statistical reports.
  • All information in electronic format, and code-wise reports.
  • he Ability to Create TestPack at Any Time of the Project.



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