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SoftVue For SharePoint 2010

SoftVue Redlining Solution is an innovation in the Engineering Drawings Markup process which enables your company to take the full advantage of all Drawings stored on BentleyProjectWise EDMS as well as drawings stored on SharePoint Libraries and route it, as per the Project needs, to Engineers who comment, Consolidate the document.
It also provides the ability to Track each document Markup history within the Project.

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 How it Works

  • Administrators (or Document Owners) Designs the Markup Route Template (Who from which Department and Roles).
  • Multiple Documents can be Associated with Prepared Templates at once based on the Project Requirements.
  • Whether the Document has a template Associated to it or not; users can Open it in SoftVue Application and start creating Layers with Markup Objects.
  • Based on the Role of the User Some Validations applied to enforce business rules.
  • Document Owners can publish a PDF with Selected Layers and Objects and Stamp it with the Document Attributes from the DMS System (ProjectWise) or SharePoint Server.
  • Tracking and System Reports can be generated throughout the process lifecycle.

Welding Manager Supports any custom Report Type in Version 7

Welding Manager Solution Supports now the ability to add any new Testing Report Type Such as PWHT, HT, DT …etc and be managed and tracked the same way RT and VT are Tracked.

Visit Welding Manager Website Here